The 3 secrets to conquering smoking that will put you in front of the pack

Most smokers think about giving up cigarettes long before finally going through with it. Now that you’re ready to go ahead with your quit attempt, understanding what you might experience is important in order to avoid setbacks. Here are a few things for you to think about that will make things easier:

1. You will notice the absence of nicotine

There’s no denying there will be a point in the first week of quitting where your body will feel withdrawals from nicotine. This is usually the strongest three days in, but if you are prepared for these urges, they are much easier to overcome. You can use things such as patches, lozenges, gum or prescription medicine to help beat the nicotine aspect of your addiction.

2. You will face things in your day that will make you want to smoke

As is the nature of habits, there are certain triggers in your everyday life that give you the urge to smoke. It’s possible you’ve never consciously realised them either. It could be having a break at work or waiting for the bus in the morning that your mind associates with smoking. Work out what these are, then replace them with alternative things to do, such as calling a friend, distracting yourself with games on your phone or sipping some water.

3. You will have your ups and downs

Quitting is a tough journey, but a worthwhile one. As determined and motivated as you are, life has its challenges and you will need to come up with ways of dealing with them without a cigarette. For example, if you’re stressed after a tough day, think about other ways you can calm yourself down. Go for a walk to clear your mind or take deep breaths to slow your heart rate and relax.

Feel like you know a bit more about what’s causing you to smoke? It’s time to kick the habit! For more ways on how you can overcome smoking, check out our videos here.